Shadow Coven Family

From the shadows comes the light and we are that light

We are a pagan organization dedicated to the paths of Shadow Witchcraft. Shadow Witchcraft is one of the paths of magick that is neither light nor dark but a mixture of both. As Nature is both loving and cruel, so is magick as well. Shadow Witchcraft encompasses the traditions of Celtic, Faery, Native American, Norse, Egyptian, Greek, Green, Shinto, Odinist, Skaldi, and Alexandrian. It uses the energy of the darkness in your life to help you channel it into something positive.
Our Covens, Kindreds & Clans are located in various parts of the United States:
  • Coven of the Shadows of Midnight - Main Chapter (Coven) is in Oregon State
  • Brotherhood of the Wolf - Sister Chapter (Clan) is in California State

Not accepting applications to physical coven at this time.