Shadow Coven Family

From the shadows comes the light and we are that light

Coven Services

Our leaders are recognized legal clergy and are licensed in Oregon and Washington to perform weddings/Handfastings through the Universal Life Church, an non-denominational religious entity in California .

We also do Rites of Passages, Dedication/Reaffirmation Rituals, Wiccaninngs, Home Blessings and Funerals.

About Us
HPS Chakkraa, GMS Arickasha and HT WolfShadow founded the House of Shadowsmere on Yule of 2006. The original coven that started it all is the Coven of the Shadows of Midnight, which became a recognized legal church in the United States in June of 2007. They hold public rituals and are active in environmental issues. They all live in and around Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.

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