Shadow Coven Family

From the shadows comes the light and we are that light

The Inner Circle

  • Esbats will be held on the night of the full/new moon or the 1st Saturday after the full/new moon.
  • Sabbat rituals will be held either on the day of the Sabbat or the first weekend after.
  • Coven Council meetings will be held the 3rd Saturday of the month, every month, if possible.
  • Shadow Council Meetings will be held the 2nd Saturday of the month, every three months.
  • Initiations will be held on Beltane and Samhain (If a member wishes to have a formal initiation, it will be on the noted days otherwise self-initiation is fine.) 

The Outer Circle

  • Dedicants will meet with their teacher twice a month. The dedicant and the teacher will determine the time.
  • Dedicants must participate in 75% of all coven activities that are scheduled unless otherwise noted.
  • Dedicants that are interested in a particular coven, kindred or, clan that is a part of the SCF must speak to the presiding leader of said coven, kindred or, clan .
  • Every 6 months, during each degree level, dedicants will be reviewed by their teacher on what they have learned.